Automating Product Inspections

There are many lines in factories where skilled workers visually inspect products.
Adacotech’s AI can learn just from normal data of images, sounds, and sensors.
Thereby, you can build your model starting from false negative 0%,
which is an absolute requirement for inspection in the manufacturing industry.
In addition, the state of the inspection target could be quantified and the results could be saved to a database.
This allows factories to improve their production process,
because they will be able to trace the data (traceability) and also analyze why the defect occurred.


  • Labor shortage and difficulties in recruitment due to the declining birth rate.
  • Inspection accuracy varies according to experience. It is difficult to pass on skills.
  • Human errors due to illness or fatigue.


Measures against labor shortages and cost reductions in recruitment and training.
Accurate inspection immediately after introduction.
Higher quality production by reducing defect rate.


Installation at the powertrain production line of a Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturer

“With a large volume of production each day, it takes great effort to maintain quality without dropping production rates.”
Company A is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive powertrain components, and they needed to automate their inspection process.


Abnormality detection of production equipment

Once a production line stops or a machine breaks down,
it can cause serious damage to the production plan.
Adacotech’s AI learns the characteristics of normal conditions from the operating data
of equipment such as videos and various sensors,
and detects abnormalities in real time.
In addition, by quantifying the characteristics of abnormalities,
factories can take measures to prevent recurrence and make further improvements.


  • The equipment operator is a multi-tasker and cannot monitor the equipment at all times.
  • It is difficult to stop a sudden abnormality in an instant.
  • The cause of the abnormality cannot be identified which makes it impossible to find ways to improve it.


Continuous monitoring is now possible, reducing equipment monitoring labor.
Learning and detection in milliseconds enables instant stop of sudden abnormalities.
Causes of abnormalities could be analyzed and remedial measures could be taken to avoid equipment damage and ensure operator safety.


Detection of abnormalities in forging press facilities of a Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturer

“Stopping a production line that produces millions of units per month has a major impact on the business.”
Company B, which produces the main parts of automobiles, supplies millions of parts per month to automobile manufacturers both in Japan and around the world.


Inspection and abnormality detection of social infrastructure

The detection of deterioration and appropriate repair of infrastructure, such as roads, bridges and tunnels,
as well as the monitoring of the safety and security of railway infrastructure, are important social issues.
At Adacotech, we use AI to visualize and automate the detection of data that is difficult for the human eye to see,
as well as intrusion into restricted areas that depend on surveillance by the human eye.


  • There are large amounts of data and it takes a long time to analyze it manually.
  • Labor shortage and difficulties in recruitment due to the declining birth rate.
  • The need for safety and security has increased and proportionately, management and operating costs for monitoring have increased.


Detects anomalies without oversight and improves the service level.
Increased revenue due to significant operational reductions and increased operational efficiency.
Easy-to-understand interface for data management and analysis resulting in increased operational efficiency.


Shinkansen tunnel lining inspection with Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd.

Application of AI to radar exploration technology, cutting the time required for image analysis by 75%
Recently, aging social infrastructure has become a problem, and plans to extend the service life of infrastructure facilities are being promoted nationwide.

Surveillance of unauthorized accesses to large commercial facilities and railway infrastructure

“There is an increasing demand for advanced security systems, and the scope of the security industry is expanding.
The key to expanding our business is differentiating ourselves from other companies. Our system for monitoring unauthorized intrusions to prevent crimes and accidents has become a strong point of our company.”