Case Study

Detection of abnormalities in forging press facilities of a Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturer

“Stopping a production line that produces millions of units per month has a major impact on the business.” Company B, which produces the main parts of automobiles, supplies millions of parts per month to automobile manufacturers both in Japan and around the world.

Installation at the powertrain production line of a Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturer

“With a large volume of production each day, it takes both physical and mental strength to maintain quality without dropping production rates. Inspectors are constantly working under great pressure.” Company A is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive powertrain components, and they needed to automate their inspection process.

Surveillance of unauthorized accesses to large commercial facilities and railway infrastructure

“There is an increasing demand for advanced security systems, and the scope of the security industry is expanding.
The key to expanding our business is differentiating ourselves from other companies. Our system for monitoring unauthorized intrusions to prevent crimes and accidents has become a strong point of our company.”

Shinkansen tunnel lining inspection with Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd.

“Application of AI to radar exploration technology, cutting the time required for image analysis by 75%”
Recently, aging social infrastructure has become a problem, and plans to extend the service life of infrastructure facilities are being promoted nationwide.